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Braces near me - we are located in Hackettstown NJ 07840
Braces cost - depends on your insurance 908-852-6620
My Receptionist, Cindy will find out the cost for you !
Braces discount - we give a $500 discount if you have no Ins.
Discounts for Braces - we give a discount if you pay in full
How much does my insurance pay - Call 908-852-6620
How much do braces cost - varies by insurance 908-852-6620
My Receptionist, Cindy will find out the cost for you !
Braces vs Invisalign  Braces have better control of the teeth since they are actually attached to your teeth and results in better outcomes. Invisalign must be worn perfectly or you will lose results if you stop wearing aligners. Teenagers have a tendency to be inconsistant in their wearing of aligners.
Invisalign - work for mild crowding problems
Invisalign cost - $6,500 involves a lab fee that make it more expensive than braces
Invisalign Dentist vs Orthodontist - Treatment planning is key to  success with Invisalign - impressions of your teeth or digital copies of your teeth will be sent to Invisalign in Costa Rica.  The lab tech who works on the aligners follows the 3D instructions given by the Doctor.
If there is any misunderstanding, the aligners will be made incorrectly.
You will find that at the end of treatment you may need to be retreated.
The Orthodontist is trained in moving teeth for 2-3 years more than the Dentist.  Your decision. !

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