Policies and Mission

Girl smilingWelcome to Orthodontic Specialists. Our mission is to treat each patient with the highest regard for human compassion and quality of care.

Dr. Murphy offers a variety of orthodontic treatments to care for patients of all ages. We offer space maintainers, palatal expanders, jump appliances and other retainers. We specialize in full orthodontic treatment with metal or clear braces for children and adults. For patients concerned with the appearance of braces, we also offer Invisalign.

We will be happy to care for you if your dentist recommends you see an orthodontist for crowding or crossbite. We will work closely with you and your dentist to determine the best treatment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact one of our locations.


Your scheduled appointment time has been reserved specifically for you. We will try to provide a telephone reminder call 24-48 hours before your scheduled appointment to supplement the appointment card you receive. We are aware that unforeseen events sometimes require missing an appointment. Please let us know if you cannot make the appointment. We request a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel.

Aetna Insurance Policy holders Beware !!!
If you have Aetna insurance, you need to know that an Aetna Pedodontist who takes your insurance may send you to an Orthodontist in the same practice who does not take Aetna Insurance.
If this happens, you will be paying up to $2,000 more for Braces.
Most people assume the orthodontist will take your Aetna and only find out after the records are taken and it is too late.

Orthodontic Specialists

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