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Dr. Kenneth MurphyDr. Kenneth Murphy has been in practice in Hackettstown and Succasunna, New Jersey since June of 1979. He received his dental degree from Columbia University, where he graduated with honors. While attending Columbia, he was awarded an Award for Excellence in Orthodontics. Dr. Murphy obtained his post-doctoral orthodontic degree from Columbia’s Honors Program.

His professional affiliations include the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists, the New Jersey Dental Association and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Orthodontists.

Dr. Murphy seeks to treat patients with the highest regard for human compassion and quality of care.


Does insurance cover Braces?    Does Dental insurance cover Braces? 

How are braces billed to Insurance? 
Our office takes care of all billing to the Insurance companies. 
Unlike most offices who do not take care of all form submissions and payments!
How do i know my Insurance coverage?   
Just E-mail Cindy ! at        
[email protected]

What Information is needed to assess coverage?

  1. Dental Insurance name
  2. Dental Insurance Phone Number
  3. Policy Holders Name
  4. Policy Holders Social Security Number
  5. Policy Holders Birthdate
  6. Policy Holders ID Number
  7. Policy Holders Group Number
  8. Policy Holders Employer Company Name
  9. Patient Name
  10. Patient’s Birth date
  11. Patients Zip Code


Will Orthodontic Specialists find the amount of my Coverage?

Yes!  Just e-mail my Receptionist Cindy at [email protected]

Copy and Paste the above required information list to Doreen

And we will get the coverage for you or your child.


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