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Ways to Save Money on Braces !

1. Annually your company has a renewal period for various types of Dental insurance - Make sure you get the plan that has Orthodontic insurance coverage.  Speak with your personnel department.

2. If you have a deferred compensation health plan where you can set aside pretax-earning to pay for you or your child's orthodontic expenses make sure it is fully funded at the start of the year. To find out the amount you need just call Carrie Ann at 908-852-6620 with your insurance information and she will help you get that amount.

3. If you pay the amount that is due at the start of treatment, we give you an upfront discount on the amount you owe.  Carrie will get you the amount of savings in your situation.

4. For those families that do not have any orthodontic insurance for their children - Dr. Murphy offers a $500 courtesy to enable everyone to be able to afford braces in 2023.

5. Rather than pay with credit cards which charge interest. Our office provides payments plans with no interest on the balances over the course of your child's treatment. 

6. Having Orthodontic insurance can save you anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 dollars in cost. We take most insurance's just send us your insurance information and we can find your benefits. Just call Carrie Ann and she will find out how much you can save.!

Does insurance cover Braces ?    Does Dental insurance cover Braces ? 

How are braces billed to Insurance ? 
Our office takes care of all billing to the Insurance companies. 

Unlike most offices who do not take care of all form submissions and payments.!   
How do i know my Insurance coverage? 
What Information is needed to assess coverage?

  1. Dental Insurance name
  2. Dental Insurance Phone Number
  3. Policy Holders Name
  4. Policy Holders Social Security Number
  5. Policy Holders Birthdate
  6. Policy Holders ID Number
  7. Policy Holders Group Number
  8. Policy Holders Employer Company Name
  9. Patient Name
  10. Patient’s Birth date
  11. Patients Zip Code


Will Orthodontic Specialists find the amount of my Coverage ?

Yes !  Just e-mail my Receptionist Carrie Ann at [email protected]

Copy and Paste the above required information list to Carrie Ann with your info filled out.

And we will get the coverage for you or your child.



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